Cold Atmospheric Plasma Products and Systems


“Cold Atmospheric pressure Plasma (CAP) represents a promising, low-cost, and environmentally friendly means to degrade mycotoxins with negligible effect on the quality of food products”

European Comission. August 26th 2019. Mycotoxin Decontamination Efficacy of Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasma


“The door is clearly opening wider with each passing year. A cold plasma revolution in medical applications is on the offin”

Plasma Medicine Applications of Low-Temperature Gas Plasmas in Medicine and Biology. Ed. Cambridge

“The threat from drug resistance is increasing. There is a need for urgent action; everyone must play a part.”

World Health Organization. Antimicrobial resistance. February 28th 2018.

“The global cold plasma market size is expected to reach USD 3. 1 billion by 2024 […] The growth in this market is primarily attributed to the benefits of cold plasma, such as its environment-friendliness, innovations in textile production, growing food safety concerns, innovations in cold plasma technology, and the increasing use of cold plasma in meat and poultry packaging decontamination.”

MarketsandMarkets. October 2019. Cold Plasma Market by Industry, Application, Regime, Region – Global Forecast to 2024.

    ION BIOTEC Cold Plasma Technology has proven useful in deactivating a broad spectrum of microorganisms and stimulating the tissue regeneration process, without damaging living tissue.

       Based on our patented technology for the generation of cold plasma at atmospheric pressure with a high concentration of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS), we develop products and systems with application in:



Personalized equipment for health professionals and researchers                                                        


The latest technology for chronic wound healing, regeneration, elimination of bacteria and fungi and coagulation


High efficiency media activation systems. Our technology provides the highest reactive species injection rate with great temporal stability

surface treatment

Technology tailored to your needs and products. Treatment of ceramics, metals, polimers and fabrics.


Equipment for the desinfection of fresh food and mycotoxin elimination; seed fertilization. All of it without chemicals or artificial additive

taylored developments

Tell us your need, we will help you to integrate our cold plasma technology in your bussines

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