ION BIOTEC is a high-tech company, born with a deep innovative spirit that has grown on the foundations of research and development to become one of the 50 best technology startups in our country in 2018.

        This made us worthy of a project NEOTEC granted by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the most prestigious and competitive grant for entrepreneurship in the country.

Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians experts in plasma technology, makes our developments unique products. In addition, their commitment to quality and their continuous search for excellence make our products leaders in their sector.

If you believe that cold plasma technology can be of help in your business, don’t hesitate: ask us. We will be happy to collaborate with you.

mission and values

Out motto, out mission:
From science to technology for a better life

Declaration of Principles

Technology Reseach and Development for:

The cure of different ilnesses

The improvement of human and animal patients quality of life

The improvement of food quality

The care of enviroment

Commitment to innovation through constant promotion of R&D

Training of human resources

Incorporate, develop and maintain talent within the company.

Constantly promote the creative and productive capacity of people as the main asset of the company.

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